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Level 79, Hobbit, Burglar of Fallohide
Joined Strayhold on 2008-01-11

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Trait Points
  • Played by Fafnir
  • Alt, Active Officer
  • Artisan with the Cook Crafting Guild.
  • Epic Progress
  • Volume 1: Completed Vol. I, Book 15
  • Volume 2: Book 6, Chapter 5
  • Volume 3: Book 1, Chapter 1
  • Volume 4: Completed the Tale Thus Far...
  • Rank 2 (2369) in the Ettenmoors, with 9 Killing Blows.
Trans has had a rough past. He was born to a family of Rohan and lived his early years in bliss. One day, though, he noticed that all his friends were continuing to grow taller. While he stayed at about 3' in height, everyone else had surpassed him. His constant working in the stables had developed him into quite the strong man, but his short stature made him stand out among the communtiy. People started calling him things like half-ling (since he was only half a man) and even a hobbit. Trans became furious at this and left his home, vowing that one day he'll have his revenge. He would show the world that his small size made him no different than anyone else.

On his travels, life was difficult and money in short supply, so he turned to burglary as a means to survive. He discovered that being smaller was a major advantage as he could easily slip away before someone's eyes. Eventually, his consious caught up with him and he decided to use his skills for something bigger.

One day, he ran into a group of the strangest mix of beings you could ever see. Men, dwarves, elves, and, yes, even hobbits - all working together to fight the evil forces plaguing the world. This group called themselves "Strayhold" and welcomed Trans into their ranks. Though he is still uneasy around the hobbit race, he trusts in them as a worthy ally.

Mine you, though, stranger. Don't mistake Trans as one of these furry-foot fellows or you may find a blade in your back when you least expect it!