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Level 85, Hobbit, Minstrel of Fallohide
Joined Strayhold on 2008-02-21

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Trait Points
  • Played by Mule
  • Main, Active Member
  • Historian
  • ·Apprentice Farmer
  • ·Eastemnet Master Scholar
  • ·Apprentice Weaponsmith
  • Eastemnet Master with the Scholar Crafting Guild.
  • Epic Progress
  • Volume 1: Book 7, Chapter 1
  • Volume 2: Book 5, Chapter 1
  • Volume 3: Book 1, Chapter 1
  • Rank 8 (177318) in the Ettenmoors, with 715 Killing Blows.
A product of the fall festival of 83, Joyful always knew her calling was to something greater. Her knack for music and vocal control was masterful even from a young age. While most of her kin practiced hard and stumbled over notes, Joyful played her theorbo and drum effortlessly, causing many a jealous musician to depart disheartened.

Word of her mastery soon spread across the shire and made it's way to Bree, where a traveling musical group requested her presence. On her way to Bree, Joyful was attacked by a band of Brigands, only to find that not only was her music able to sooth, but also punish. Turning her drum up to eleven, she brought down the brigand group one by one.

A local human, alerted by the sounds of pain and anguish, found her atop the clan with nary a scratch. Adso was his name, and he invited Joyful to his camp where he told her stories of bravery and adventure. Struck by the talent of this fearless hobbit, Adso enlisted Joyful to "take care of some things". After a few rounds of thinning various populations, Joyful decided to take on the job full-time, and is now known throughout Middle Earth as Joyful, The Warrior.

Don't let this scare you away from inviting this cute cuddly ball of fire over for a drink, should you meet her in a bar. Share a pint or two, and enjoy her songs of delight and adventure. Never has a player twined love and death with such beauty and love. Be forewarned though, do not try to embrace this hobbit without an invitation. For faster than you can yell Samwise will you face the wrath of the Warrior.