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Level 75, Race of Man, Burglar of Dale
Joined Strayhold on 2008-04-12

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Trait Points
  • Played by Ariwen
  • Main, Active Member
  • Tinker
  • ·Grandmaster Cook
  • ·Westfold Master Jeweller
  • ·Westfold Master Prospector
  • Eastemnet Master with the Jeweller Crafting Guild.
  • Epic Progress
  • Volume 1: Book 12, Chapter 1
  • Volume 2: Book 5, Chapter 1
  • Volume 3: Book 5, Chapter 1
  • Rank 2 (2551) in the Ettenmoors, with 7 Killing Blows.
Hobbits Rock!!
Aldasil, Hmm, who is she? Well Aldasil is a burglar and not just any Burglar she is one who learned a lot of her skills from the hobbits. She ran away from home as a young girl looking for adventure(insert song). so the Hobbits being of such kind hearts, and love of fun and food they took her in and raised her. Thus is her reason she has a soft spot in her heart for the Hobbits. That plus they make the bestest pies. Adlasil is an Bounders-friend, Honourary Sherrif, Pie-Runner, Shire Brewmaster, Pie-eating Champion, Servant of Process, Tavern League Member. Also several other things she has done in her life growing up with the hobbits.

As she learned to venture outside the shire, she saw more things that needed to be done. wrongs to be righted, helping simple farmers from orcs. even a couple of pockets to be burgled. She found a home in the kinship of the Strayhold people. Fun loving people, that can get serious when it time to get serious, also forgiving of her mistakes. As they have also taught her a lot about her skills. Yet when she gets tired and want to rest. She goes to her home In the shire, kicks back by the fire, with her pipeweed, and looks at her fishing trophies while sipping some brandy. She tells all her Friends to come for a visit and help themselves to a sip of Brandy from her Inn League Keg.