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Level 65, Hobbit, Hunter of Fallohide
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  • Volume 1: Completed Vol. I, Book 15
  • Volume 2: Book 3, Chapter 6
  • Volume 3: Book 1, Chapter 1
The quiet Hobbit from the Overhill area of the Shire steadied his bow as the Guaradan walked down the trail. Patiently waiting for the wolf-clad man to move away from his hunting party Perradoc thought about how far he'd come from hunting boars in the Shire.

Always living on the outskirts of the little Hobbit towns he'd often go into town with meat, hides, and other trophies available in the wilds of Overhill. He was particularly fond of visits to The Green Dragon. Fine Ale and pies available right next door. What more could a Hobbit want?

But then the goblins began to show up in Overhill. And the spiders that were always there began to become more of a threat than an annoyance. Wolves didn't help matters much either.

Perradoc's skill with the bow and the fact that he didn't back down from a fight began to become known among the peaceful residents of the Shire. They began to seek his help when strange things would occur. Most Shire residents were upset when the pie supply was getting low. Dealing with nasty critters caused a great deal of stress. But Perradoc was of Fallohide stock and it showed.

On the tall side for a Hobbit, Perradoc was often more at home in the woods where the wild things are than on the pleasant roads of the Shire (The Green Dragon and other fine establishments being notable exceptions). The bounders recognized the adventuresome side of the solitary Hobbit and quickly recruited him into their ranks.

Perradoc began to spend less time hunting and traipsing in the woods and more running between the towns of the Shire. And in that running he began to have quite the series of adventures. Perradoc enjoyed, even thrived on the adventures whereas most Shire residents would have fainted dead away at the sight of a goblin.

And it is this sense of adventure that the Fallohide line has that called to Perradoc. Eventually he began to explore Brandybuck, then Bree, and from there he found paths to places he'd never even dreamed of. And some of them he hoped he'd never dream of again.

Which brings our hero to this seemingly peaceful glade in Evendim. And a seemingly not-so-peaceful Guaradan moving into range.

And Perradoc's adventures continue.