Hello, Blackhawk here.

I have hosted this website & Messageboard for over eight years now. I shall continue to do so, for the foreseeable future, for Strayhold. However, it has been mentioned to me that others might want to help fund Strayhold.

I have resisted allowing this. Why resist? Mainly because it felt tacky, and like begging, to establish the ability to fund the Strayhold site.

However, some have insisted that they be able to fund Strayhold for the enjoyment it has provided over the past years, and for the years to come. So, I created a PayPal Account to allow just that.

If you have gained satisfaction, enjoyment, friendship, fellowship, or even just a laugh or two because of Strayhold, well now you have an outlet for your warm & fuzzy feelings.

I cannot stress enough how voluntary this is. Even if I do not receive a penny, it will not make a difference in terms of what is delivered to Strayhold. So don't think in terms of Keeping Strayhold Alive, but in terms of helping fund Strayhold for Whatever It Has Meant To You.

Or even just "Hey, BH. Next beer's on me."

With this in mind, if you wish to help fund Strayhold, please use this button to do so:

See you in game, on the boards, and in Discord!

Lord Black Fice Hawk, Leader of Strayhold

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