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Level 105, Elf, Champion of Mirkwood
Joined Strayhold on 2007-04-06

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Trait Points
  • Played by Andring
  • Main, Active Officer
  • Explorer
  • ·Westfold Master Forester
  • ·Westfold Master Prospector
  • ·Westfold Master Tailor
  • Westemnet Master with the Tailor Crafting Guild.
  • Epic Progress
  • Volume 1: Completed Vol. I, Book 15
  • Volume 2: Completed Vol. II, Book 9
  • Volume 3: Book 6, Chapter 10
  • Rank 3 (5011) in the Ettenmoors, with 3 Killing Blows.
Gate Hammer � Andring in Sindarin � is the name that my father gave me. For a long time I had pondered the reason for this moniker, mostly wondering if he was possessed by some minion of Morgoth or by strong drink. But my father was neither of those. One does not become a high-ranking captain in the legions of Thranduil for being weak-willed or drunk.

Had I paid more attention to my father�s war stories, like my brother Andure, instead of always training for war, the meaning would have been apparent. However intrepid a warrior my father was, he always taught us that a sharp mind is as potent a weapon as a strong arm. I could not fathom how one could use their mind to prevent a blade from cutting one asunder. His lessons were always so cryptic. I hated him for that, and it was because of this that I left Mirkwood. He did not even attempt to stop me, which infuriated me even more. I know now that this was just another lesson.

I have since returned to Mirkwood and made amends with my father, and have committed myself to a life in service to Thranduil and the elves in becoming a Farocoth, a Hunter of all that is Bane to the Free Peoples of Middle Earth.

My father, in all his wisdom, saw something in me during my first days on Arda. Gate Hammer. Not a name, but a destiny, a calling. The Black Gate must fall.