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Level 105, Race of Man, Warden of Dale
Joined Strayhold on 2009-03-01

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  • Played by Fordarb
  • Main, Active Member
  • Armsman
  • ·Westfold Master Prospector
  • ·Westfold Master Weaponsmith
  • ·Westfold Master Woodworker (Woodworker Guild)
  • Westemnet Master with the Woodworker Crafting Guild.
  • Epic Progress
  • Volume 1: Completed Vol. I, Book 15
  • Volume 2: Completed Vol. II, Book 9
  • Volume 3: Book 6, Chapter 10
  • Rank 9 (283415) in the Ettenmoors, with 386 Killing Blows.
Fordarb was born to a shepherd and a shearer in Dale. His shepherd
father would lay with sheep, Fordarb's blind-deaf-mute mother knitting
tufts of wool, ripped from her husband's exaltations, into hoof cozies
for the flock. By day Fordarb would tend the flock alongside his
father, guarding them from rabid gophers and their shepherd hound,
Fenrir, who had a penchant for mauling Fordarb and the sheep, and was
much feared. Fordarb was uncertain, but thought Fenrir may have in fact
been a wolf, but his father would hear none of it. By night, Fordarb
was locked in the root cellar and played with potatoes and turnips,
reenacting the Battle of Mount Doom told by his father. He made friends
with mice and centipedes, though the latter bit him much.

At times his father would beat him with dried fish when his mother
complained of ruined vegetables. His mother would shear him mistaking
his curly locks for fleece, so often that Fordarb was bald by his tenth
year. A light sleeper, she would hone her shears on a slate board,
producing an ear splitting screech at all times of day and night.
Fordarb's home was well known to locals as the 'Screeching Cottage.'
His hearing, much diminished, left Fordarb with a speech impediment
consisting of nasal vowels and stressed consonants. Growing up, he was
considered by most to be an idiot.

During the harvest festival of Dale, Fordarb and his father would paint
some of the flock with brightly dyed tars and set them alight. The
spectacle of darting blue, green and red flames in the autumn night, a
hint of mutton in the air, became a local curiosity for much of
Fordarb's youth; until the incident with Gandalf's fireworks cart, the
burning down of the local granary, and consequent famine that winter.
The wizard was never to return.

In his late teens, a fracas with Fenrir lead several sheep into the root
cellar as his father restocked. Telling his son to get the flock out,
Fordarb, his hearing what it was, misunderstood, and left home
despondent, never to return.

Fordarb made a living putting cotton into potion bottles for an
apothecary in Bree. Later, he worked for a glassmith taking the cotton
out of expired potion bottles in Achet. Toughened by Fenrir's maulings,
his mother's shearings and father's dried fish beatings, Fordarb won
many local strongman contests. His dour demeanor led many in Achet to
call him wooden, which he mistook for warden, leading to his inquiring
into the term. Upon discovering what a warden was, and knowing his
aptitude for taking punishment, Fordarb gave up his career as a
cottonsmith and took up arms to protect Middle Earth as a warden.

His adventures have just begun...


-Graduate: Leroy Jenkins Academy of Tactics, Bree
-Graduate: Imperial Stormtrooper Academy of Marksmanship, Angmar
-Graduate: Shire Academy of Mutton and Skewer, Shire
-Medal of Defenestration, Moria
-Medal of Monotonous Valour, Middle Earth Arachnophobia Society
-Mentioned in Dispatches (for noob aggro), North Downs Rangers