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Level 130, Elf, Hunter of Lindon
Joined Strayhold on 2012-01-21

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  • Played by Aidenna
  • Main, Active Member
  • Westemnet Master with the Woodworker Crafting Guild.
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  • Volume 1: Completed Vol. I, Book 15
  • Volume 2: Completed Vol. II, Book 9
  • Volume 3: Book 6, Chapter 10
  • Volume 4: Completed the Tale Thus Far...
  • Rank 3 (3499) in the Ettenmoors, with 0 Killing Blows.
It was not supposed to be this way...this was not how it was meant to be... family had such great plans for me, other plans that did not involve war. Those plans, those gone.

I have found many friends in my journey to defend my home and people, some have stayed with me, become like sisters even though we come from different lands, and some even different peoples. Others have been pulled away from me by distant lands and even the stars themselves. Funny how something so gruesome as war can do that, bring lives together just as it is also tearing lives apart. This new clan of people suits me well as I too have become a "stray" in need of a place to call a home, if not until the rest of my journey, for a long season to come, I hope. That I still have hope is an amazing thing indeed. I am, at last, no longer alone.

While I find myself far from my beloved sea, the sea which still calls to me; the sea I hope to find myself crossing one day, I know that my fate will most likely carry me to my end. It matters not, this is where I am now, this is what I am meant to do and I will fight with all my strength until victory is attained or my death is met. May I meet it well. All bleeding stops eventually...