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Watcher! 1:30 PM EST

Date:2009-08-01 (Saturday)
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The Muster:Fellowships Unite! (All of LotRO is welcome. Anything relevant to the server. Even if you came from Silverlode. Especially that. :))
Requirements:60+ radiance gets first priority. Must have 50. Strayhold will distribute consumables, and will pay for all repairs. Please arrive FULLY repaired, and with all your radiance gear.
Event Results:

Signed Up

1.Lord Black Fice Hawk
DPS-mode Captain.
Godrickson the druken minstrel
5.Vorm the Undying
AWESOME-mode Captain
I can bring either my champ (Glorathir, up to 55 rad) or my Captain (Baranath, 50 rad).