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Previous Events

Gundabad Daily Public Instance Quests - This weekend2021-12-041/12
Legacy of Durin Epic - Let's make progress!2021-11-201/12
Gold Chestpiece Giveaway!2021-09-046/12
Raid Week, Part Five! 9:30 PM - Midnight EST (at least)2021-08-233/12
Raid Week, Part Four! Noon - 3 PM EST (at least)2021-08-225/12
Raid Week, Part Three! Noon - 3 PM EST (at least)2021-08-217/12
Raid Week, Part Two! 9:30 PM - Midnight EST (at least)2021-08-204/12
Raid Week, Part One! 9:30 PM - Midnight EST (at least)2021-08-193/12
Boss in the Vault: Thrang, T1/T2 10 PM EST2021-08-134/6
Remmorchant T3 Sides Only - 10:00 PM EST2021-07-274/12
Remmorchant T2, Boss 1 + Side Bosses - High Noon EST2021-07-247/12
Bloody Threshold T2 9:30 PM EST2021-07-238/12
Bloody Threshold T1 9:30 PM EST2021-07-135/12
Bloody Threshold T2 8:30 PM EST2021-07-084/12
Remmorchant T1. 8:30 PM EST2021-06-205/12
Remmorchant T1 - High Noon EST2021-06-198/12
Bloody Threshold T1 9:30 PM EST2021-06-176/12
Remmorchant T1. 9:30 PM EST2021-06-085/12
Remmorchant T1. 9:30 PM EST2021-06-067/12
Bloody Threshold T1 11:30 PM EST2021-06-057/12
Barad Guldur (Raid) Sunday 07.07.2019 10am2019-07-076/12
Sixteenth Hall and Possibly Beyond, 1 PM Eastern2019-06-086/6
Moria Dungeons - June 1 at 1:00 PM EST-ish2019-06-016/6
Helegrod Wings Part 2, 10PM2019-05-214/12
Helegrod Wings Part 1, 10PM2019-05-204/12
BALROG. Tonight at 9 EST2019-04-278/12
The Rift! 9:01 PM EST2019-04-232/12
Thrang and Balrog! Late Notice, tonight, 9 PM2019-04-153/12
Balrog! 9:01 PM EST2019-04-081/12
Balrog, High Noon EST2019-04-0710/12
Rift Early Bosses: 9:00 PM2019-04-021/12
THAURLACH! 12:01 PM EST2019-03-3110/12
Return to the Rift: 10 AM EST2019-03-3012/12
Fellowship Maneuvers: 9 PM EST2019-03-262/6
Deed Weekend2019-03-090/12
Captain Class Items in Urugarth / Carn Dum 9 PM EST2019-02-182/6
Kinmoot! Saturday at 1 PM EST2019-02-096/12
Kinmoot on Ith2019-01-261/12
Great Barrow (Again) Saturday 1/19/19 at 3 PM EST2019-01-193/12
Garth Agarwen Pre-Quests and Instances2019-01-194/12
Great Barrow (Sambrog, Thadur, The Maze) 1/12/19 at 4 PM EST2019-01-127/12
Make things be dead (BH that doesn't mean our group, th2019-01-053/12
Vemy and Vemytoo (ok actually Ehokrepeat and Rytak)2018-05-261/12
Scavenger Hunt! 9 PM2017-04-202/12
Raid Size Fun in Lang Rhuven! 8 PM EST2017-03-284/24
Roving Threats2017-03-047/12
Silent Street 8pm EST2017-03-026/6
Dome of Stars T2 (8pm EST)2017-02-233/6
Dome of Stars T2 (8pm EST)2017-02-201/6
Killing Stuff (8pm EST)2017-02-174/12
Silent Street 8pm EST2017-02-166/6
Roving Threats! Saturday, 2/4/17 at 6PM EST2017-02-045/12
Dread Terror Raid T1 (3pm EST)2017-01-289/12
Silent Street T1 (8pm EST)2017-01-266/6
Kinmoot! 10 PM EST2017-01-198/12
The Quays of the Harlond - Saturday at 2PM EST2017-01-144/3
Silent Street T1 (10pm EST) 2017-01-126/6
Big Battles!2017-01-115/12
Hobnanigans Tournament!2017-01-071/3
Silent Street T1 @ 8:00 pm EST2017-01-045/6
Roving Threats 12/22/16 @ 8:30pm EST2016-12-223/12
The Silent Street (6man)(T2C) - Wed 12/21 @ 8:15pm EST2016-12-215/6
Let's get the band back together!2016-10-141/12
Good ol' fashioned beating 8:00pmEST2014-10-183/12
Craglorn Grind 10/2 starting@7:30pmEST2014-10-023/12
Craglorn Fun 9/26 @8pmCST (9pmEST)2014-09-262/12
BH in Craglorn II - 915 PM EST2014-09-244/12
BH in Craglorn I - 915 PM EST2014-09-234/12
Game Development Discussion2014-09-183/27
Craglorn Group Event! 9:15pm EST2014-09-135/12
45+ Dungeon Run! 9 p.m. EST2014-09-064/12
Straymoot - ALL SIGN UP2014-09-047/16
AD Dungeons - Levels 30+, starting with Tempest Island 9pm2014-08-284/12
dungeon run2014-08-214/8
Straymoot & Group Photo 9:15pmEST2014-08-135/50
Straymoot au' - ALL SIGN UP2014-08-067/24
Straymoot - ALL SIGN UP2014-07-3012/30
Vaults of Madness (Coldharbor) 8:30pmEST2014-07-242/4
Banished Cells (level 15)2014-07-161/4
Coldharbour's Dungeon 8pmEST2014-07-101/4
Vet Zone Skyshards & Questing (DC) 8:00pm EST2014-07-082/8
Vet Dungeons - Aldmeri Dominion 1:30pm EST2014-07-065/8
Veteran Zone Skyshards (DC)2014-07-032/8
Vet Dungeons/Craglorn Runs 1:30pm EST2014-06-291/12
Cyrodiil: Another PvP Adventure 7:30PM EST2014-06-222/16
AD level 20-25 dungeons all 3! 9:00 PM EST2014-06-215/12
Cyrodiil: A PvP Adventure 8:45PM EST2014-06-204/16
Auridon dungeons all 3! 930 PM EST2014-06-076/12
Cyrodiil PvP Practice Session (except it's for real) 8:2014-05-293/12
StrayStats, Skillapolooza, and PVP. 8:45 PM EST2014-05-213/12
3 Dungeons in Auridon! 930 PM EST2014-05-174/12
Cyrodiil Rampage - Night of Madness and Mayhem2014-05-154/16
Cyrodiil: War for the Ruby Throne starting at 3:00PM EST2014-05-102/12
Cyrodiil: War for the Ruby Throne 9:30PM EST2014-05-027/50
Cyrodiil: Skyshard Hunting in Aldmeri Dominion 9:30PM EST2014-04-303/12
Cyrodiil Awaits! 930 PM EST2014-04-255/99
Banished Cells in Auridon! 930 PM EST2014-04-117/100
Cyrodiil Skyshard Romp! 2:00pm EDT2014-04-065/100
Guildmoot! All Tamriel Welcome! 5 PM EST2014-04-066/127
What is Everyone Expecting? 9 PM EST2014-03-106/12
Strayhold in ESO: Discussion 9 PM EST2014-03-0512/100
Noobenórean inaugural meeting2014-02-226/12
Return to Isengard: Acid Wing T2 Challenge2014-02-114/12
The Riddermark Run - 8:30 pm EST2014-02-098/12
Big Battle Raid - The Deeping Wall - 9:30pm EST2014-02-0810/12
Return to Isengard: Ring of Fire and Frost T2 challenge2014-02-064/12
Return to Isengard: Ring of Fire and Frost T2 challenge2014-02-026/12
Big Battle Raid - The Deeping Wall - 9:30pm EST2014-02-0112/12
Return to Isengard: Ring of Acid T2 challenge2014-01-286/12
Return to Isengard: Ring of Lightning T2 challenge2014-01-268/12
Big Battle Raid - The Deeping Wall - 9:30pm EST2014-01-2512/12
Big Battle Raid - The Deeping Wall - 9:30pm EST2014-01-1812/12
Big Battle Raid - The Deeping Wall - 9:30pm EST2014-01-1112/12
Big Battle Raid - Deeping Wall2014-01-0310/12
LVL 95 - Helm's Dike2013-12-078/12
Humble Bundle Giveaway - Including Steely Dawn Starter Pack2013-11-200/12
Moors PvMP raid: 9:30 PM EST2013-09-262/12
Tier 1 Rohan Raids: 9:35pm East Coast Start Time2013-09-2113/12
Grummel's Great Giveaway - 85 WILL pocket! 9/20/13 9PM 2013-09-204/12
filgash and skulfil slam east start time 9002013-09-205/12
Vanguard Lite - The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu level 50-54 9 pm est2013-09-1912/12
Tier 1 Rohan Raids: 9:35pm East Coast Start Time2013-09-161/12
Tier 1 Rohan Raids: 9:35pm East Coast Start Time2013-09-1414/12
In before Sin (anytime before 9pm EST Sept 14th)2013-09-142/12
Thank Flipoh, It's Friday! Erebor questline 3mans + 6ma2013-09-134/6
Vanguard Lite - Barad Gúlaran level 50-54 9:30 pm est2013-09-128/12
Tier 1 Rohan Raids: 9:35pm East Coast Start Time2013-09-0717/12
Tier 1 Rohan Raids: 9:35pm East Coast Start Time2013-08-3015/12
Coffee and Seals! Start time around 10am East Coast2013-08-255/12
Vanguard Lite - Carn Dum, Level 50-54 4:00 est, Aug 242013-08-249/12
Coffee and Seals! Start time around 10am East Coast2013-08-247/12
Vanguard Lite - GA levels 32-36, 9:30 pm est, Aug 222013-08-227/12
Horse Lords tank pocket item giveaway, 8-17-13 at 7PM EST2013-08-177/12
Lothlorien 6-man Instance: 9:30pm Eastern Time2013-08-156/12
BFE T2 (warmup with T1) 9:00 PM EST2013-06-1312/12
Tank Horse-Lords Pocket Item Giveaway 9 PM EST - Pre-Raid2013-06-062/12
Vanguard Lite - Carn Dum - 4pm Est Level 50-54 toons2013-06-017/12
Vanguard XXXI 9:30pm EST Thursday2013-05-300/12
Moors PvMP raid: 9:30 PM EST2013-05-295/48
Vanguard Lite - Urugarth 4pm EST level 50-53 toons2013-05-258/12
Rohan Raid! 9:30pm US East Coast Time start2013-05-249/12
Best Instance Turbine Ever Created - 5/20 7PM ET2013-05-205/12
Wildermore Warbands! 9:30 PM EST2013-05-187/12
Rohan Raid! 9:30pm US East Coast Time start2013-05-179/12
Vanguard XXX 9:35 PM EST2013-05-160/12
Fires of Smaug T2: 9:30pm start time2013-05-117/12
Battle for Erebor T1/2: 9:30pm start time2013-05-1012/12
Vanguard XXIX 9:30pm EST BFE T22013-05-090/12
As long as Durin's Bane lives, Strayhold fights! 9:30 E2013-05-0711/12
Vangard Lite - Urugarth Level 50-53 - 4pm EST2013-05-045/12
Fires of Smaug T1/2: 9:30pm start time2013-05-048/12
Battle for Erebor T1/2: 9:30pm start time2013-05-035/12
Vanguard 9:30pm EST2013-05-020/12
Impromptu Romp Through Angmar Night - 9:30 pm est 2013-04-303/12
BforE/Smaug/Flight T1/2: 9:30pm start time2013-04-277/12
BforE/Smaug/Flight T1/2: 9:30pm start time2013-04-267/12
Kinmoot + Raid! 8:30 PM EST2013-04-2513/12
Fires of Smaug T1/2: 9:30pm start time2013-04-2013/12
Battle for Erebor T1/2: 9:30pm start time2013-04-199/12
Let's do an old raid! Just for fun! 9:30pm start time2013-04-184/12
Fires of Smaug T1/2: 9:30pm start time2013-04-1310/12
Battle for Erebor T1/2: 9:30pm start time2013-04-1211/12
Easterling Slaughterfest (Flight to the LM) 9:30pm EST2013-04-1113/12
Late Notice: 930 PM EST, BFE. Reinforce + Blood Rage2013-04-109/12
Vanguard XXVII: 9:30 PM EST: Smaug T1/T22013-04-080/12
Fires of Smaug T2: 9:30pm start time2013-04-0613/12
Battle for Erebor T1/2: 9:30pm start time2013-04-0512/12
Flight to the Lonely Mountain 9:30pm EST2013-04-048/12
Flight to the Lonely Mountain IS BACK!!! T1/T22013-04-032/12
Vanguard XXVI: 9:30 PM EST: Smaug T22013-04-010/12
Fires of Smaug, T1: 9:30pm start time2013-03-3014/12
Fornost for the Masses!!!2013-03-303/6
Battle for Erebor T1 and maybe T2: 9:30pm start time2013-03-2917/12
Dragon Run - anytime after 9/9:30pm-ish if we have enough2013-03-282/12
6 Mans of Awesomeness!2013-03-268/12
Vanguard XXV: 9:30 PM EST2013-03-250/12
Fires of Smaug T1: 9:30pm start time2013-03-2313/12
Battle for Erebor T2: 9:30pm start time2013-03-2212/12
Helegrod - Drake Wing2013-03-217/12
BoE farming, Wed,, 9:30pm EST2013-03-205/12
6 man it till we drop! - 9:30 pm EST2013-03-206/12
BoE farming, Tueday, 9:30pm EST2013-03-1911/12
Return to OD!! (T1 is fine, T2 if people demand) 4PM EST2013-03-177/12
Fires of Smaug and Erebor, 9:30pm Start Time2013-03-1614/12
Fires of Smaug and Erebor, 9:30pm Start Time2013-03-1513/12
In Their Absence Blowout! 3/14 7PM EST2013-03-143/12
6 Mans GB/Fornost/Ammu 9:30pm Eastern2013-03-140/6
BOE Grinding 8 pm CNT- Whenever you drop out2013-03-1315/12
Fornost: Wraith of Water T2 9 PM EST2013-03-133/6
BOE and Smaug Raid Tuesday 9PM EST2013-03-1215/12
The Battle for Erebor2013-03-0917/12
The Fires of Smaug2013-03-0814/12
Flight to the Lonely Mountain Raid2013-03-0713/12
U10 Raid, don't know which yet! 930 PM EST2013-03-0619/24
Sammath Gul T1 9pm For Kicks2013-03-032/6
Vanguard Lite - Annuminas Revenge! 4pm EST2013-03-026/12
Durchest T2 / Dungeons attempt #2 9:30PM EST2013-03-0110/12
Grand Stair - 2/27 8PM EST2013-02-276/12
Vanguard Lite - Annúminas World Instance Runs-4pm EST 40-442013-02-237/12
Durchest (T2?) or Dungeons if ~6 sign up 9PM EST2013-02-216/12
Vanguard XXIII: 930 PM EST, Target TBD2013-02-180/12
SKRAID Night! - 9 p.m.2013-02-1312/12
My last event...all my stuff goes 10FEB13...4 PM EST2013-02-103/12
Vanguard Lite Fornost Other 2 Wings levels 35-40 4pm EST2013-02-098/12
LT Raid, 12pm EST (noon)2013-02-093/12
Durchest T2: 9:30pm Start Time!2013-02-076/12
Fornost pre-quests - 9:00 pm est2013-02-062/12
Vanguard XXII: Durchest Tier 2 CHALLENGE. 930 PM EST2013-02-040/12
Vanguard Lite Fornost 2 Wings levels 35-40 4pm EST2013-02-0210/12
LT Raid, 9pm EST 2013-02-025/12
Durchest T2...Fri 01FEB13...9-9:30 PM EST2013-02-0112/12
Master Blast Durchest T1...Thurs 31JAN13...9-9:30 PM EST2013-01-319/12
BG Durchest, Skraid, whatever....Tuesday 29JAN13, 9-9:30 EST2013-01-292/12
Vanguard XXI: Durchest Tier 2 CHALLENGE. 930 PM EST2013-01-280/12
Vanguard Lite-GA Fortess- 6man Level 32-38 4pm est - Part 22013-01-268/12
LT Raid, 9pm EST 2013-01-2612/12
SKRAID Night! - 85 Awesome Teals up for grabs...Again2013-01-259/12
BG, full run with challenges...Thurs 24JAN13..9-9:30 PM EST2013-01-245/12
Dungeon Farming for Marks and Medallions 1/21 11AM EST 2013-01-216/12
Vanguard Saruman Tier 2 930 PM EST2013-01-210/12
Vanguard Lite-Garth Agarwen Fortess-6man Level 32-38 4pm est2013-01-197/12
Harvestpalooza...Saturday 19JAN13 any time2013-01-194/12
DG LT run, 9pm EST start time, Saturday2013-01-1914/12
Lazarus project (or come rez with me)2013-01-193/12
SKRAID Night! - 85 Awesome Teals up for grabs!2013-01-1813/12
ToO - All Wings, and maybe Saruman 9:30pm start2013-01-179/12
Saruman Tier 1, 930 PM EST2013-01-1610/12
Vanguard XIX: Saruman Tier 2 CHALLENGE. 930 PM EST2013-01-140/12
Vanguard Lite isssssss BACK! - GB runs 4 pm EST2013-01-129/12
DG LT run, 9 PM EST start time2013-01-1213/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 1: Wings! 9:30pm start time2013-01-1016/12
Draigoch, 930 PM EST2013-01-0812/12
Barad Guldur - at least to the twins: 9:30pm start time2013-01-0410/12
Full BG run...03 JAN13, 9 PM EST...Please read2013-01-0314/12
Durchest/Durchest + Twins Friday 28DEC12 9 PM2012-12-2812/12
Barad Guldur Raid 12/27/12 9 PM EST2012-12-2717/12
Barad Guldur...Durchest and Twins..Dec 22, 2012 9 PM EST2012-12-2214/12
Barad Guldur, 930 PM EST2012-12-2015/12
Wednesday Wars! 930 PM EST2012-12-193/12
Barad Guldur 9:30PM EST!!!!!2012-12-199/12
Vanguard XVIII: Barad Guldur, 930 PM EST2012-12-190/12
Learning the new instances...1 PM EST till ?2012-12-171/12
Vanguard XVII: NEW INSTANCES2012-12-170/12
Skirm raids...Thursday, Dec 13. 9:30 PM EST2012-12-134/12
Wednesday Wars PVP! 930 PM EST2012-12-111/12
[[Tuesday Skirm Raids]] 9:00pm EST2012-12-112/12
Epic Book instances and skirms, if ya need em sign up. 2012-12-092/12
Skirm Raids...Dol Guldur...9 PM eastern2012-12-084/12
Rock the Delving! 930 PM EST2012-12-054/100
LimLight Pre-quest run 4 PM2012-12-014/12
Skirm Raids...Saturday Dec 1, 2012...9PM EDT2012-12-016/12
eaworth summons today at 2 pm2012-12-010/12
Skirm Raids...Dol Guldur, all 3...8 PM EDT2012-11-292/12
PVP Land! 930 PM EST2012-11-284/100
**Assult on the Ringwraiths' Lair** Tuesday 11/27 8:00p2012-11-275/12
Skirm Raids - Monday 11/26/12 - 8:00pm EST2012-11-263/12
Vanguard Lite - Retake Weathertop, & GB runs2012-11-246/12
PVP raid with a decided PVE angle too! 930 PM EST2012-11-2111/24
Skirmish Raid or Helegrod - group vote!2012-11-175/12
Vanguard Lite - Great Barrows Take 2!2012-11-176/12
Skirmish Raid!2012-11-168/12
Skirmish Raid!2012-11-157/12
PVP Raid, TONIGHT. 930 PM EST2012-11-142/24
Vanguard XVI: Helegrod. 930 PM EST2012-11-120/12
Some form of raid - ToO or skirmish, who knows!2012-11-107/12
Some form of raid - ToO or skirmish, who knows!2012-11-094/12
Strays in the Moors: 930 PM EST2012-11-072/24
Vanguard XV: ToO Tier 22012-11-050/12
Vanguard Lite - Great Barrows instances - 4 pm est2012-11-037/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 2: 9:30pm Start Time!2012-11-038/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 1: 9:30pm Start Time!2012-11-0210/12
Vanguard XIV: Saruman! 930 PM EST2012-10-290/12
Straytoberfest™ Crafting Challenge! Noon EST2012-10-278/100
Straytoberfest™ Horse Racing! 930 PM EST2012-10-239/12
Straytoberfest™ 2012! Oct 22nd - 28th2012-10-2212/127
ToO Tier 1, Part 2: 9:30pm Start Time!2012-10-205/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 1: 9:30pm Start Time!2012-10-199/12
Vanguard XII: SarumanI 930 PM EST2012-10-150/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 2: 9:30pm Start Time!2012-10-1317/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 1: 9:30pm Start Time!2012-10-1214/12
Saruman. 930 PM EST2012-10-1014/12
Roots of Fangorn T2 9:00pm est2012-10-102/6
Vanguard XI: Saruman Again Again2012-10-080/12
Annuminas Leaders (instances)2012-10-075/6
ToO Tier 1, Part 2: 9:30pm Start Time!2012-10-0616/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 1: 9:30pm Start Time!2012-10-0512/12
ToO - Lightning, Tier 2 9:30 PM EST2012-10-0413/12
Draigoch Almost Open! 8 PM EST2012-10-047/12
Medallion and Seal night2012-10-035/12
Draigoch Tuesday 9:00 p.m. Eastern time2012-10-0213/12
Saruman Raid X. 935 PM EST.2012-10-010/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 2: 9:30pm Start Time!2012-09-2914/12
Foundry Playground Team Competition! 8:00 PM EST2012-09-2910/24
ToO Tier 1, Part 1: 9:30pm Start Time!2012-09-2814/12
Draigoch 9:00 p.m. Eastern 2012-09-2714/12
ToO Tier 2: 10 PM EST2012-09-2713/12
Saruman TONIGHT. 10 PM EST2012-09-2610/12
Captains vs. Foundry T2 930 PM EST2012-09-256/6
VANGUARD IX: Saruman 930 PM EST2012-09-240/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 2: 9:30pm Start Time!2012-09-2218/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 1: 9:30pm Start Time!2012-09-2115/12
Draigoch 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time2012-09-2017/12
VANGUARD VIII: Saruman 930 PM EST2012-09-190/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 2: 9:30pm Start Time!2012-09-1518/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 1: 9:30pm Start Time! 2012-09-1414/12
Medallion and Seal runs Foundry and RoF - 9:30 EST 2012-09-1312/12
VANGUARD VII: Saruman 930 PM EST2012-09-120/12
Draigoch...Tuesday 11SEP12...9 PM EDT2012-09-1116/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 2: 9:30pm Start Time!2012-09-0813/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 1: 9:30pm Start Time!2012-09-0711/12
VANGUARD VI: Saruman 930 PM EST2012-09-050/12
Draigoch...04SEP12...8 PM EDT2012-09-046/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 2: 9:30pm Start Time!2012-09-0115/12
Culling Pit - Saturday 1st Sept. around noon-ish2012-09-012/6
ToO Tier 1, Part 1: 9:300pm Start Time!2012-08-3114/12
Vanguard V: Saruman 930 PM EST2012-08-290/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 2. 9:00pm EST Start Time!2012-08-2513/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 1: 9:00pm Start Time!2012-08-2414/12
Saruman: 930 PM EST2012-08-2215/12
Draigoch -- 9:00 PM EST -- 8/21/12 Tuesday2012-08-2114/12
Vanguard IV: Saruman 930 PM EST2012-08-200/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 2. 9:00pm EST Start Time!2012-08-1816/12
T2 ROF jewelry run, 11a.m. EST2012-08-184/6
ToO Tier 1, Part 1: 9:00pm Start Time2012-08-1713/12
Draigoch - 9:00pm EST - 8/15/12 Wednesday2012-08-1514/12
Vanguard III: Saruman 930 PM EST2012-08-130/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 2. 9:00pm EST Start Time!2012-08-1119/12
Moors PVP Cleansing. 935 PM EST.2012-08-1023/24
Draigoch...Friday 10AUG12 8 PM EDT2012-08-1014/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 1. 9:00pm EST Start Time!2012-08-0917/12
Saruman Retry 9:30 EST2012-08-0812/12
Draigoch...Tuesday, 07AUG12 9PM EDT2012-08-0715/12
Vanguard II: Saruman 930 PM EST2012-08-060/12
Draigoch...Sunday 05AUG12 5:30 PM EDT2012-08-0514/12
ToO Trifecta, Part 3: 9:35pm EDT Start2012-08-0418/12
Draigoch...Saturday 04AUG12 5:30 PM EDT2012-08-0413/12
ToO Trifecta, Part 2: 9:35pm EDT Start2012-08-0318/12
ToO Trifecta, Part 1: 9:35pm EDT Start2012-08-0219/12
Draigoch - 10:00pm EST - 8/2/122012-08-022/12
Sammath Gul - Defeat Gorothul [[7/31/12 - 9:00pm EST]]2012-07-317/6
Foundry T2 9:00pm EST 2012-07-3110/12
Vanguard I: 930 PM EST2012-07-300/12
ToO, Trifecta Part 3 - 9:35pm start time2012-07-2819/12
ToO, Trifecta Part 2 - 9:35pm start time2012-07-2715/12
ToO, Trifecta Part 1 - 9:35pm start time2012-07-2617/12
Vanguard 101: Sign up HERE to get in Vanguard 9 PM EST2012-07-2526/100
Saruman - Monday 9:30 EST2012-07-2311/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 2. 9:00pm EST Start Time!2012-07-2116/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 1. 9:00pm EST Start Time!2012-07-2019/12
Saruman T1 9 PM EDT Wednesday 18JUL122012-07-1816/12
Saruman - Sun 9:30 PM EST2012-07-1510/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 2. 8:00pm EST Start Time!2012-07-1421/12
Win My House! 10 AM EST2012-07-149/12
ToO Tier 1, Part 1. 8:00pm EST Start Time!2012-07-1319/12
Saruman Tonight! 10 PM EST2012-07-1012/12
SARUMAN. 935 PM EST.2012-07-0816/12
ToO, Tier 1 - Shadow and Saruman. 8pm EST Start Time2012-07-0711/12
RoF T2 and Draigoch 7:30 PM Est till ??2012-07-0614/12
Summer Schedule Kinmoot! 10 PM EST2012-07-0520/100
ACID TIER 2. 9 in the morning! EST2012-07-0411/12
Roots of Fangon T2. 7:30 PM EST and all night2012-07-0313/6
Double Dragon Run: Starting at 9:00PM2012-06-2824/12
ACID TIER 2. 935 PM EST2012-06-2710/12
Fashion Event: 930 PM EST2012-06-223/12
Double Dragon Run (if possible) 9pm2012-06-2116/12
Children of Hurin Discussion: Chapter 12012-06-171/12
ACID TIER 2. 935 PM EST2012-06-1514/12
Dragon 9302012-06-1414/12
ToO: all wings! 9:00 PM EST2012-06-1215/12
Moria...Get whatcha need done June 9 & 10...all day &2012-06-096/12
Seal Hunt: Not the cute fuzzy ones ladies 7:30 PM EDT till ?2012-06-085/12
Seal Hunt: Not the cute fuzzy ones ladies 7:30 PM EDT till ?2012-06-076/12
SARUMAN. 935 PM EST.2012-06-0411/12
ToO - SHADOW - Sunday 9:30pm EST2012-06-039/12
Shadow + SARUMAN. 915 PM EST.2012-05-3011/12
Road to Saruman: 8:30 PM EST. Remaining Wings.2012-05-2714/12
Road to Saruman: 9 AM MORNING! 2+ Wings2012-05-268/12
ToO - All Wings for Alts. 930 PM EST2012-05-2312/12
Moria Madness 7:30PM EDT till ?2012-05-201/12
Dragon x 2! 935 PM EST2012-05-186/24
ToO. Tier *2*. 935 PM EST.2012-05-1710/12
New Content! All night!2012-05-168/12
Saruman Tonight! 10 PM EST2012-05-1514/12
Saruman! 935 EST2012-05-1419/12
ToO Saturday! 2 Rings May 12th 4:30PM EST2012-05-1214/12
ToO: Two Rings - May 10th 8:30PM EST2012-05-108/12
Saruman Raid III. 935 PM EST.2012-05-0912/12
Saruman Raid II. 935 PM EST.2012-05-0814/12
Saruman Grunday, Dies on a Monday. 935 PM EST.2012-05-0715/12
Lightning and Shadow. 10 PM EST SHARP.2012-05-068/12
RoF T2 +126 stat jewelry farming 7:30 PM EDT till ???2012-05-045/12
Saruman Venture: 935 PM EST2012-05-0212/12
Roots of Fangorn - T2 9:35PM EDT2012-05-010/0
rift 2:30 est2012-04-283/12
Sat Morn LOTRO - T2 Roots of Fangorn 11:30 EDT2012-04-289/6
ToO Fire and Ice T1 Sat 9:30 PM EDT2012-04-2812/12
Draigoch Tier 2 9:30pm est2012-04-2613/12
Saruman Grunday, Dies on a Monday. 935 PM EST.2012-04-2314/12
SARUMAN. 935 PM EST.2012-04-2213/12
DRAIGOCH - 8:00pm EDT - FRIDAY2012-04-207/12
Tower of Orthanc **T1** FRIDAY @ 9:30pm EDT2012-04-209/12
Draigoch Tier 2 9:30pm est2012-04-1915/12
roots of fangorn T22012-04-172/12
Lightning T2 / Saruman T1, 935 PM EST2012-04-168/12
Ost Dunoth 2:30 Central time zone2012-04-142/12
Draigoch **TONIGHT** 11:00pm EST2012-04-147/12
Level 35-40'ish group - quests, instances, and skirms. 2012-04-139/12
Lightning, Tier 2 935 PM EST2012-04-1316/12
Draigoch Tier 2 9:30pm est2012-04-1214/12
Draigoch Tier 2 9:30pm est2012-04-110/12
Tuesday Night Random Raid(s) - 4/10 @ 8PM EST2012-04-1014/12
Let's Do Saruman. 935 PM EST.2012-04-0912/12
Draigoch Tier 2 8:30pm est2012-04-084/12
rift of nurz whatever lvl 50 agmar thing2012-04-074/12
ToO Fire & Ice T2 @ 8:00pm EDT Saturday 04/07/122012-04-0714/12
Roots of Fangorn T2 - Saturday @ 1:00pm - 04/07/122012-04-074/6
barad gulder 9:30EST2012-04-065/12
Friday Night Skirm Raids!!! 8:00pm EDT 04/06/122012-04-064/12
Draigoch Tier 2 9:30pm est2012-04-0612/12
Draigoch Tier 2 9:30pm est2012-04-0517/12
Sari Suma T2 8:30 CST2012-04-045/12
Saruman's Tower - Tues 9:00 EDT2012-04-0311/12
Limight Gorge Complete Runthrough - Sun 11:30 AM EDT2012-04-013/6
Tower of Orthanc - Saturday, 8:00pm EST2012-03-3111/12
Sat Morn LOTRO - T2 Roots of Fangorn 11:30 EDT2012-03-316/6
Limight Gorge Complete Runthrough - Sat 2:00 PM EDT2012-03-316/6
Draigoch Tier 2 9:30pm est2012-03-2913/12
SARUMAN. 935 PM EST.2012-03-2812/12
SARUMAN. 935 PM EST.2012-03-2713/12
Roots of Fangorn T2 - Tuesday 7:00pm EST2012-03-278/6
Tower of Orthanc Saruman T1, 9:30pm eastern2012-03-2612/12
Roots of Fangorn T2 9:30 EST Sunday2012-03-256/6
ToO: All Wings! 7 PM EST2012-03-2412/12
Draigoch Tier 2 9:30pm est2012-03-2214/12
Late Draigoch, 11 PM EST2012-03-2110/12
Tower of Orthanc Wing raid T1 2 wings 8:30pm eastern2012-03-2013/12
Mirkwood Skirms 3/19/12 935 EST2012-03-194/12
foundry run early..............11 am est2012-03-184/6
Roots of Fangorn (T1/T2)2012-03-187/6
barad guldur 9:30 EST2012-03-176/12
Saturday morning Lotro 11:30 EDT - T2 Foundry2012-03-178/6
Draigoch Tier 2 10:30 EST2012-03-1611/12
Draigoch Tier 2 8:30pm Est2012-03-158/12
Draigoch Tier 2 8:30pm Est2012-03-146/12
Tower of Orthanc Wing raid T1 2 wings 8:30pm eastern2012-03-145/12
Isenguard Acid Wing Raid T1 8:30pm pacific2012-03-1314/12
Acid T2! CHAMPS UNITE!!! 935 PM EST2012-03-108/12
Dragon, 10:35 PM EST2012-03-0818/12
Orthanc SHADOW T1, 935 PM EST2012-03-0713/12
ToO Acid! 935 PM EST2012-03-0616/12
ToO x 2!!! 9 PM EST2012-03-0317/12
3.3.12 6pm EST2012-03-031/6
Forgotten Treasury, 53+, 10 PM EST2012-03-027/6
Dragon, 10 PM EST2012-03-0115/12
Orthanc Open, 935 PM EST2012-02-2916/12
Orthanc Lightning T1, 935 PM EST2012-02-2715/12
SG run2012-02-265/6
Dar Nubugud 830 CST2012-02-262/12
Draigoch - Sunday - 8:00pm est2012-02-267/12
ToO LIghtning! 1035 PM EST2012-02-2413/12
Late Draigoch! 11 PM EST WE ROLL2012-02-239/12
Kinmoot! 9 PM EST2012-02-2113/100
Sat Morn T2 Foundry run - 10:30 EST2012-02-187/6
Draigoch Tier 2 9:00pm est2012-02-1713/12
Orthanc Lightning T1, 935 PM EST2012-02-137/12
Draigoch Tier 2 9:00pm est2012-02-116/12
Isenguard Acid Wing Raid T1 7pm pacific2012-02-1012/12
Draigoch Tier 2 9:00pm est2012-02-099/12
Group up to finish deeds2012-02-070/12
8 Person Dragons! starting at 9 PM EST2012-02-0217/24
Orthanc, Wing TBD. 935 PM EST2012-01-3011/12
Orthanc, Acid/Lightning 935 PM EST2012-01-2712/12
Dragon, 10 PM EST2012-01-2620/24
Dragon, 1035 PM EST2012-01-2311/12
Draigoich T2 9ish if we can get numbers2012-01-222/12
Tower of Orthac - Acid Wing - 8:00pm est2012-01-2111/12
Random Skirmish Raids! All Night!2012-01-185/12
Isengard Acid, T1. 935 PM EST.2012-01-1712/12
Draigoch Tier 2 1035 PM EST2012-01-1611/12
Draigoch FAST 10:00 PM EST2012-01-1113/12
Draigoch FAST 8:00 PM EST2012-01-117/12
Try again! Orthanc Acid T1, 935 PM EST2012-01-1010/12
Orthanc Acid T1, 935 PM EST2012-01-0916/12
SG run2012-01-084/6
Draigoch and Video Taking! 8 PM EST2012-01-0817/12
Draigoch Tonight! 935 PM EST2011-12-287/12
Culling Pit2011-12-234/6
Isengard Instances, all day2011-12-202/12
Isengard Raid, 935 PM EST2011-12-1910/12
Draigoch! 935 PM EST2011-12-1815/12
Update 5! Small Groups! 9 PMish starts2011-12-1210/12
Draigoich T2 9ish if we can get numbers2011-12-1112/12
Let's Kill some GMs! Tonight, 9pm-ish2011-12-102/100
Ad Hoc Draigoch Run Late Tonight2011-12-0911/12
Draigoch Tier 2 11:05 PM EST2011-12-0816/12
Raid Skirms Lvl 70+ or S4M runs lvl 75+ @ 935PM EST 2011-12-076/12
Raid Skirms Lvl 70+ @ 935PM EST2011-12-066/12
Raid Skirms Lvl 70+ @ 935PM EST2011-12-057/12
Draigoch Tier 2 935 PM EST2011-12-0415/12
Raid Skirms Lvl 70+ @ 935PM EST2011-12-038/12
Raid Skirms Lvl 70+ @ 935PM EST2011-12-025/12
Raid Skirms lvl 70+ @ 935PM EST Reset Day2011-12-015/12
Raid Skirm Lvl 70+ or S4M (3/6 mans) @ 935PM EST Wed2011-11-303/12
Raid Skirm Lvl 70+ @ 935PM EST Tuesday2011-11-293/12
Raid Skirm Lvl 70+ @ 935PM EST Monday2011-11-285/12
Draigoch Run Tier 1 / 2 @935PM EST Sunday2011-11-2715/12
Raid Skirm Lvl 70+ @ 935PM EST Saturday2011-11-2611/12
Was Raid Skirm, is now Draigoch @ 935PM EST2011-11-2516/12
Raid Skrim Lvl 70+ @ 935 PM EST Reset Day2011-11-248/12
Was Skirm Raid, is now DRAIGOCH 935 EST2011-11-2316/12
Raid Skirm Lvl 70+ @ 935PM EST Tuesday2011-11-226/12
Draigoch T2 Monday 9:30 EST2011-11-2117/12
Raid Skirm level 70+ @935PM EST Sunday2011-11-2013/12
Raid Skirm level 70+ @935PM EST Saturday2011-11-1911/12
Warden Class Quest Redux - 11/19, how about afternoon?2011-11-193/6
Raid Skirm level 70+ @935PM EST Friday-Start at top of list2011-11-187/12
Draigoch: Tier 1 or 2 930 PM EST2011-11-1821/24
Warden Class Quest - Dark Delvings @ 730PM EST (or sooner)2011-11-186/6
Draigoch: Tier 2 (or 1?) 930 EST2011-11-1720/24
S4M runs (Raid skirms lvl 70+ or Instances lvl 75) Wednesday2011-11-166/12
S4M night for GB/school-lib @935PM EST Tuesday2011-11-157/12
Raid Skirm level 70+ @935PM EST Monday2011-11-149/12
Moria Instances - until everyone who wants'em, complete2011-11-142/6
Raid Skirm level 70+ @935PM EST Sunday -- Moria2011-11-137/12
Raid Skirm level 70+ @935PM EST Saturday2011-11-1211/12
Raid Skirm level 70+ @935PM EST2011-11-119/12
Raid Skirms Level 70+ @ 935PM EST (Reset Day)2011-11-1012/12
Placeholder: Draigoch Attempt: Tier 1 930 PM EST2011-11-1020/24
Draigoch Attempt: Tier 1, 9 PM EST2011-11-0925/24
Great Barrows @935 PM EST2011-11-086/12
Raid Skirms Level 70+ @935 PM EST2011-11-077/12
Raid Skirms Level 70+ @ 935PM EST (Sunday)--Moria Skirms2011-11-0612/12
Culling Pit 11.062011-11-065/6
Raid Skirms Level 70+ @935PM EST Saturday2011-11-0513/12
Raid Skirms Level 70+ @ 935PM EST Friday2011-11-0415/12
Raid Skirm Level 70+ @ 9:35PM EST Thursday (Reset Day)2011-11-0316/12
Moria - Lower Deeps 9pm EDT2011-11-031/6
S4M Runs (Raid if we can, GB, School/lib) @ 935PM EST2011-11-026/12
For those who AREN'T 70+ yet - Moria Instances2011-11-021/6
S4M Run in Great Barrows (Thadur & Sammy) @ 935PM EST2011-11-0110/12
Moria - Lower Deeps2011-11-014/12
Raid Skirm Level 70+ @ 9:35PM EST Monday 10/312011-10-3111/12
Raid Skirm Level 70+ @ 9:35PM EST (Moria Skirms)2011-10-3014/12
Raid Skirm Level 70+ @ 9:35PM EST 10/29 Saturday2011-10-2914/12
Moria - Grand Stair, full run. Sat Oct 29, afternoon'is2011-10-291/6
Raid Skirm Level 70+ @ 9:35PM EST2011-10-2812/12
Raid Skirm 70+ toons @ 930PM EST2011-10-2714/12
Raid Skirm Level 70+ @ 9:35PM EST2011-10-271/12
Festival Day! For the Shire! (boo)2011-10-254/12
Culling Pit 10.23 @ 3pm eastern2011-10-236/6
Breaching the Necromancer's Gate, 9PM Eastern2011-10-221/12
Skirmish Raids! 930 PM EST2011-10-2016/12
Culling Pit2011-10-165/6
Skirms! Minimum Only **70**2011-10-1514/12
Raid Skirms! 930 PM EST2011-10-1316/12
Cullin Pit2011-10-095/6
Raid Skirmishes! 71+2011-10-083/12
The Culling Pit (ROI) 10/4 @ 9:45PM EST2011-10-041/6
Killing in the Moors (but not PVP!)2011-09-231/24
Spider wing - Hele2011-09-114/12
Conjunction Junction! 9 PM EST2011-09-085/12
Fil Gashan2011-09-042/6
Spider wing 2011-08-274/12
Hele Run Drake wing2011-08-207/12
Ost Elendil2011-08-162/12
Ost Elendil2011-08-152/12
CD run for bosses2011-08-143/6
Kill Thorog in Helegrod2011-08-134/12
CD - Urugarth Run 9pm EDT2011-07-173/12
Creep 101 - running on the wild side2011-07-105/24
Noob in OD - are those friendly oliphants?2011-07-096/12
Turtle Soup / Open Skirmish (9:30 PM EST)2011-06-294/12
Ettenmoors (BH needs more stars) - 9:30 PM EST2011-06-284/12
Let's OD (9:00 EST)2011-06-276/12
3-man (SH, NCF) 9:30 PM EST2011-06-263/12
get helchgam slime 8:002011-06-264/6
Specialty Marks (Annum, Hele) or whatever (9:30 PM EST)2011-06-251/12
Kickin' It Old School (Rift or Watcher) 9:30 PM EST2011-06-243/12
6-man ... Sari Surma / Lost Temple (9:30 EST)2011-06-233/12
Skirmish Night - 9PM EST 2011-06-228/24
Sari Suma - 9PM (EST)2011-06-215/6
Turtle soup and Calimari - 9PM2011-06-206/12
SG ....Run!2011-06-207/6
Lost Temple - Tier 2 - 5PM2011-06-192/6
Sammath Gul - 5pm2011-06-185/6
In Their Absence 830PM EST (Chapt1--->6)2011-06-181/99
Turtle soup and Calimari - 9PM2011-06-177/12
Entenmoors - let's find and Kill Oz!2011-06-169/24
OD Raid - Free for All 9PM EST2011-06-154/12
Lost Temple, Tier 2 - 9PM EST2011-06-149/6
OD Raid - Fear Wing or another - 8PM EST2011-06-136/12
Sari Surma Tier 2 - 9PM EST2011-06-126/6
OD Raid - Fear Wing 9PM EST2011-06-119/12
Barad Gulard - 9PM EST2011-06-106/12
3-mans and Skirmishes2011-06-094/99
Strayhold PvMP - 9PM EST2011-06-097/24
OD Raid 2! Whatever is left. 9 PM EST2011-06-0810/12
Sari Surma, Tier 2. 9 PM EST2011-06-0711/12
OD Raid! Whatever is left. 9 PM EST2011-06-0613/12
OD Raid! Elephants must DIE. Tier 1. 9 PM EST2011-06-0513/12
Sari Surma, Tier 2. 9 PM EST2011-06-055/12
Dar Narbugud2011-06-0410/12
Lost Temple, Tier 2, 9 PM EST2011-06-039/12
Strayhold PVP, for Summer Schedule 9 PM2011-06-027/24
North Cotton Farm 815PM EST2011-05-313/3
Sari Surna Instance 815PM est2011-05-307/6
Lost Temple T1 (On the Fly run)2011-05-290/6
Lost Temple 815PM EST2011-05-2810/6
Durchest HM2011-05-276/12
Rift Run-----3pm Tenative. (stray only)2011-05-2111/12
Barad Guldar - Gauntlet and Durchest2011-05-1615/12
OD Tier 1! Wound! 930 PM EST2011-05-1115/12
Sammath Gal - Quest arc for Gorothul2011-05-1014/6
OD Elephants: Tier 2, 9 PM EST2011-05-0912/12
another try at Uru or CD2011-05-013/6
OD Disease Wing! 10 PM EST2011-04-2613/12
CD and/or Uru Run2011-04-243/6
OD Wound Wing! 9:31 PM EST2011-04-2211/12
OD Elephants tonight (thurs) 9:00-9:30 EDT2011-04-215/12
OST DUNHOTH RAID. 9 PM.2011-04-1913/12
Sunday Morning Lotro2011-04-173/12
Saturday Morning Lotro - 10:30 am EDT Sari-Surma Tier 22011-04-169/12
OD Raid, 9:30 PM EST2011-04-128/12
OD Elephants: Tier 1, 9 PM EST2011-04-107/12
OST AD HOC. Hoping 9 PM EST2011-04-088/12
Snap OD raid: tonight at 9 PM EST2011-04-071/12
Chicken and Noob Stir Fry! 9 PM EST2011-04-062/12
OST DUNHOTH RAID. 9 PM.2011-03-298/12
Volume 3, Book 3 Fellowship Style2011-03-274/6
Sat 3/26 9:30 EDT new 6-man run - last minute post2011-03-265/6
Ost Dunhoth work, 10pm+2011-03-253/12
OST DUNHOTH RAID. 9 PM. Take 22011-03-2411/24
Late Night Killing: 6 man 1030 PM EST2011-03-238/12
OST DUNHOTH RAID. 9 PM.2011-03-2213/24
Free PAX Mount (Strays only)2011-03-2219/100
Sagemellow Memorial Chicken Run: 9 PM EST2011-03-014/12
GS Full Run 12 Noon EST2011-02-204/6
GA run (old school)2011-01-092/6
CROSSER OF ROADS. An All Day Event!2011-01-016/100
Holiday Freeze Tag!! 9pm EST2010-12-212/100
Rift Raid for Zefir 9 PM EST2010-12-2011/12
The Master of Imlad Balchorth raid2010-12-144/12
Bawk! Bawk! Chicken Run! (3pm EST)2010-11-276/100
Helegrod! 11-20-2010, 10:00am EST2010-11-204/12
CD run -- 3 pm EST2010-11-204/12
Annuminas! 11-16-2010, 9:00pm EST 2010-11-167/6
Skumfil Kergrim Deed2010-10-255/6
2.5.5 Speed Run2010-10-233/6
Urugarth Farming2010-10-184/6
2.6.8-New Devilry 9:30pm EST2010-10-133/6
Stray Rift. 10 AM EST.2010-10-0913/12
CD deed run2010-10-026/6
THOROG MUST DIE.2010-09-2917/24
Practice Thorog, or Flag Runs. 9 PM EST.2010-09-285/12
Helegrod Saturday - Morning2010-09-257/24
Helegrod Saturday - Evening2010-09-259/24
Helegrod Friday2010-09-2411/24
Helegrod Thursday2010-09-2312/24
Helegrod Wednesday2010-09-2216/24
Helegrod Tuesday2010-09-2119/24
Dark Delving2010-09-074/12
Week of Angmar!2010-08-184/12
Sat Morning, 10 AM, Watcher!2010-08-1411/12
Raid! Who knows what???2010-07-319/12
Watcher, 11 AM EST2010-07-2412/12
CD Run 2010-07-184/6
Bree Great-Barrows Instance, Friday 16th July2010-07-164/6
Siege of Gondomon TOURNEY! All Night.2010-07-161/12
Raid Week! Tues2010-07-134/12
Raid Week! Mon2010-07-124/12
Raid Week! Sun2010-07-114/12
Raid Week! Sat MORNING2010-07-108/12
Raid Week! Sat EVENING2010-07-109/12
Raid Week! Fri2010-07-099/12
Raid Week! Thurs2010-07-0810/12
RAID WEEK! Are you in?2010-07-0715/100
Raid Week! Wed2010-07-077/12
Watcher II, 930 PM EST2010-06-307/12
Watcher, 9 PM EST2010-06-2910/12
Watcher! 9 PM EST2010-06-246/12
Book 2.something HoM2010-06-225/3
WATCHER. 8 PM EST.2010-06-1910/12
Almost Open DN! 9 PM EST2010-06-1715/12
DN, first 2 bosses, 9 PM EST2010-06-159/12
Morning DN! 10 AM EST2010-06-126/12
Epic quest 2.5.5 The Deep-Way (@ 8PM eastern)2010-06-114/6
Epic quest 2.5.5 (3 parts)2010-06-073/6
16th hall2010-06-061/6
Epic Book quest 2.5.5 Drums in the Deep2010-06-055/6
DN, Boss 4! 9 PM EST2010-06-018/12
2.4.7 Sat. evening2010-05-297/6
3rd DN Boss, 930 PM EST2010-05-2813/12
DN Full Clear Start, 915 PM Sharp2010-05-2712/12
Rock DN, 9 PM EST2010-05-255/12
Weekend DN, 9:01 PM EST2010-05-155/12
DN again again again! 9 PM EST2010-05-1312/12
DN, 9 PM EST2010-05-118/12
Morning DN! 9 AM EST2010-05-0810/12
DN, 845 PM EST2010-05-0411/12
Dar Narbugud, 8:30 PM EST2010-04-297/12
DN Raid! 830 PM EST2010-04-2714/12
Uru run2010-04-241/6
Sword Halls!2010-04-221/12
HoM Epic Book 2 run2010-04-213/6
Tomb of Elendil2010-04-051/12
2.4.7 The Drowned Treasury 2010-03-211/0
GA Night - 8PM EST2010-03-174/12
Goblin Town2010-03-071/6
2.4.7 The Drowned Treasury 2010-02-184/0
Mirkwood 3-man night! 8pm EST2010-02-173/12
Skirmish Raid, All Instances.2010-02-118/12
Dar Narbugud: 8:30 PM EST2010-02-048/12
2.4.7 The Drowned Treasury2010-02-031/6
Sammath Gul Round 42010-01-296/12
Sammath Gul 1000 PM EST2010-01-2811/6
Sammath Gul 930 PM EST2010-01-278/6
Sammath Gul 9 PM EST2010-01-256/6
16th Hall - RK class quest2009-12-182/6
BEER FIGHT! 11:30 PM EST2009-12-171/12
Skirmish Raiding! 9 PM EST2009-12-118/12
CD/Uru run2009-11-281/12
Uru double post2009-11-222/6
Watcher! 9 PM EST2009-11-186/12
CD Run2009-11-145/6
Watcher Run: 9:00PM EST2009-11-1111/12
Rad runs to gear up2009-11-076/12
Brave's level 50 class quest2009-10-043/12
Watcher, 10 AM EST2009-10-037/12
2.6.8 9:30PM EST2009-10-014/6
Watcher II - CJ / Stray2009-09-3014/12
Skumfil! 8:30PM EST2009-09-293/6
Forges! 9:00PM EST2009-09-282/6
2.6.8 9:30PM EST2009-09-274/6
Watcher CJ/Stray2009-09-266/12
2.5.5. Deep-Way 9:00PM EST2009-09-254/6
Vol 2 Bk 5 Ch 5 8:00PM EST2009-09-246/6
Fil Gashan, 9:30PM EST2009-09-243/6
Vol 2 BK 4 Chap 72009-09-232/6
Watcher 11 AM EST2009-09-194/12
Turtle 930 PM EST2009-09-175/12
Watcher Run: 9:00PM EST 9/22009-09-023/12
Watcher 9 PM EST2009-09-0110/12
9 PM EST Watcher!2009-08-2914/12
Carn Dum2009-08-226/12
The Watcher. 930 PM EST.2009-08-219/12
Vol II Book 6.8 - Mon 8PM EST2009-08-172/6
Vol II Bk 6 Final Chapter 11AM2009-08-152/6
Turtle Night! 8pm+ 3 runs2009-08-1016/12
Watcher! 1:30 PM EST2009-08-016/12
Watcher Run: 8:30PM EST2009-07-3017/12
Radiance runs - All DAY!2009-07-257/12
2.8.3 8:30est gathering2009-07-231/12
Skumfil! 8:30PM EST2009-07-223/12
Dark Delving2009-07-185/6
Fil Gashan! 8:30PM EST2009-07-159/6
Book 1.15.12 Redux2009-07-143/12
Epic 1.15.12 2009-07-095/6
Helegrod! 8:30 PM EST2009-07-0113/24
Balrog/Rift run 9PM EST2009-05-136/12
Turtle Time - 12 noon EST2009-05-091/12
Turtle Time2009-05-0715/12
More Turtle2009-04-305/12
Turtle! 9 PM EST2009-04-285/12
Watcher 9 PM EST2009-04-1513/12
Hedge Maze!2009-04-018/12
CD Run 8:30 EST2009-03-272/12
Rift - 8:30 PM EST2009-03-259/12
The Watcher - 8:45 PM EST2009-03-2412/12
Watcher 10 AM PST2009-03-217/12
RIFT... 8:30 PM EST2009-03-1810/12
Watcher 10 AM EST2009-03-1412/12
The Watcher! 8:30 PM EST.2009-03-1315/12
Costume Contest2009-03-111/12
Slime of Helchgam Runs2009-03-045/12
RIFT! 830 PM EST2009-02-197/12
Vol II 5.5 Saturday 3PM EST2009-02-077/6
Needing 2.6.8 2009-02-041/6
Instance Training II2009-01-313/6
Instance Training II Pt. 22009-01-313/6
Instance Training2009-01-303/6
Vol II 5.5 - Sunday 3PM EST2009-01-255/6
Voll II bk 5.5 - Sun 3PM EST2009-01-112/12
Shire to Moria! 9 PM EST2008-12-313/12
Grand Stairs - 5 PM PST 12/182008-12-182/6
Grand Stairs Raid 5:30 est 2008-12-177/12
Book 1.15.12 3PM EST2008-12-133/12
Midnight Raid2008-12-091/12
Book 15: Chapter 122008-12-055/12
Legendary Items 1012008-12-022/24
Book 14 Chapter 12 and Beyond2008-11-293/12
MORIA !! :D2008-11-185/12
Balrog 10 PM EST.2008-11-1513/12
Barz-Through-Thrang! 7 PM EST2008-11-1316/12
Scale Hunters Anon. Meeting2008-11-121/12
Hopeful Heart 5:30 EST2008-11-121/12
Thaurlach Must Die. 9 PM EST.2008-11-1121/24
Rift Part II: 930 EST2008-11-0717/12
CD Slime Run2008-11-065/6
Rift Part I: 930 EST2008-11-0615/12
Book 14 - 2PM EST2008-11-026/12
Balrog + Hope I Hope 9 PM EST2008-10-2916/12
OTH Rift Balrog: 8 PM EST2008-10-2819/12
OTH Rift II: 8 PM EST2008-10-2411/12
On The House Rift: 900 PM EST2008-10-2312/12
Short Rift: 900 PM EST2008-10-2211/12
Book 14 - 3pm EST2008-10-195/12
Book 14!2008-10-175/12
Balrog III + Hope, 7:00 PM2008-10-1515/12
Balrog II, 8 PM2008-10-1415/12
Balrog, 8 PM2008-10-1316/12
Rift A.O. Thrang 1230 PM EST2008-10-117/12
Rift A.O. 2: 930 PM2008-10-1012/12
Rift Amost Open! 8 PM2008-10-0915/12
Book 14 w/ Mule! 5PM PST2008-10-024/6
Finish the Rift!2008-09-3011/12
Weekend Rift! Part 32008-09-276/12
Even More Rift2008-09-2612/12
Rift! Yay!2008-09-2511/12
RIFT TONIGHT! 9 PM2008-09-213/12
830 PM RIFT2008-09-1814/12
Balrog Starts Tonight. 9 PM.2008-09-128/12
Book 8 / CD2008-09-111/12
Annuma Numa Day - 9pm EST2008-09-107/12
Rift! 830 PM EST2008-09-099/12
Thaurlach 830 PM EST2008-09-0314/12
Thrang! 9:30 PM EST2008-09-0212/12
Balrog Must Die. 9 AM EST2008-09-0110/12
Thursday Rift run 8:30 EST2008-08-2812/12
Creep night!2008-08-239/12
RIFT! 8:30 PM2008-08-1915/12
Chicken Soccer/Polo and Such!2008-08-093/12
Balrog (last chance)2008-08-0615/12
Balrong Pt II (If necessary)2008-08-0512/12
Balrog! 9 PM2008-08-0311/12
Thrang run!2008-08-0211/12
Rift Bosses 4-62008-08-017/12
Event Week - Rift Bosses 1-42008-07-3112/12
CD / Urugarth2008-07-295/12
Crafting RAID!2008-07-264/100
A Master's Concerto2008-07-234/12
TAG Night!2008-07-227/12
Conjunction Junction2008-07-216/12
Thrang Must Die.2008-07-1514/12
Rift - Bosses 4+2008-07-127/12
Epic Book! All Comers!2008-07-072/24
Book 102008-07-054/12
Uru run 3 pm eastern 2008-06-292/12
Rift! Bosses 1-3+2008-06-277/12
Annuminas 8PM EDT RECIPES!!!2008-06-245/6
Music Practice - 9pm EST2008-06-210/12
Annuminas - Instance + Recipes2008-06-187/12
Carn Dum! 9:30 EDT2008-06-165/6
Music Practice - 8pm EST2008-06-154/24
Book 5 - 5pm EDT2008-06-140/6
Multinational Rift!2008-06-145/12
Book 3 - 8:30pm EDT2008-06-133/6
North Downs Trolls!2008-06-123/12
Book 1 - 8:30pm EDT2008-06-112/6
Sarnur Troll Dead2008-06-118/6
book 8 - 530 PST2008-06-102/6
Rift! Bosses 4+, 9PM EST2008-06-0910/12
Book 2 9:30 EST2008-06-065/6
Rift, Bosses 1-3+2008-06-057/12
Rift! - 9 PM EST2008-06-0312/12
Rift, Bosses 3+2008-05-299/12
Rift - 900 PM EST2008-05-219/12
Rift: Bosses 4+2008-05-206/12
Rift: Bosses 1-3+2008-05-1510/12
Rift - Bosses 4+ 8:30 EDT2008-05-139/12
Rift, Bosses 1-3+2008-05-125/12
Teleport Event!2008-05-092/12
Rift 8:30 Bosses 1-3+2008-05-084/12
Rift Raid: Bosses 4-Thrang2008-05-0613/12
Rift Raid: 1-4+2008-05-0116/12
9PM EDT Garth Agarwen 2008-04-273/6
Rift 8:30 EST2008-04-242/12
Tag Yer It!2008-04-237/24
Thrang Dies 10 PM EST2008-04-227/12
Carn Dum!2008-04-185/6
Almost Open The Rift 8:30 EST2008-04-1713/12
Rift - Bosses 5-Thrang+2008-04-1513/12
Books 11 & 122008-04-122/6
Rift Raid - Bosses 1-4+2008-04-1013/12
Rift Raid2008-04-0812/12