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Dar Narbugud: 8:30 PM EST

Date:2010-02-04 (Thursday)
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The Muster:Fellowships Unite! (All of LotRO is welcome. Anything relevant to the server. Even if you came from Silverlode. Especially that. :))
Event Results:

Signed Up

1.Lord Black Fice Hawk
I have extra food.
Joyful can make it, and I can help with strats as I`ve been up to the blind one :)
3.The Eldrenath
I will bring tokens, food, and scrolls
If needed, I`d be happy to bring Eth, Solmia, or Bali.
Can bring hunter or burg
6.Silvas Ilcanjaro
I can make some scrolls
I can come in as a replacement (capt or champ) later that evening, if you need someone. Ran it for the first time (my champ, up to the blind one) last Friday (so i think my locks will have reset).
65 Grd, 64 Min (or 62 LM 50 rad)