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Bree Great-Barrows Instance, Friday 16th July

Date:2010-07-16 (Friday)
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The Muster:Stray Schedule (Strays preferred. For Strayhold!)
Requirements:Prefer to get together people who have the quests first. If we can get 4 or 5 and people who want to come along for fun, then we can go...rather we get a 6-man all questing together tho!
Event Results:Myself, Naaja, Isil, Cyn and Deklyn all got the GB quests completed! We pwned face tbqh.

Signed Up

28 warden, ready any day any time...more or less! =P
Taking my Guard and I believe I have some of the quests, already. ;P
My level 20 champ has all the quests...
No idea where the quests are, but me and my archer are up to it.