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CD Run

Date:2010-07-18 (Sunday)
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The Muster:Stray Schedule (Strays preferred. For Strayhold!)
Requirements:this requires one person (with any luck) to have the keys to CD, Cyn has one gate key, do not remember which one. I am open to any time on Sunday and would be open to any time on Monday as well.
Event Results:

Signed Up

can bring Minstrel, LM, Burg or any other toon.
if we kill azgoth and do the escort thing, I can bring vemy...otherwise minstrel has a few quests in there
I`ll come for the deeds, stay for the quests.
I would like to complete deeds, I`m good for Sunday morning and Sunday night after 9:30pm EDT (I`m on summer hours)