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North Cotton Farm 815PM EST

Date:2011-05-31 (Tuesday)
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The Muster:Stray Schedule (Strays preferred. For Strayhold!)
Requirements:Please try to discover this POI before start time.
Going to try and run this at Tier 2. In addition if we can get a lot of people to sign up may be we can have multiple instances running at the same time.
Also if you dont have In their absence quest line. Please see related link in the forums so you can grab that and make it progress.
Event Results:Thanks all for coming, got NCF T1 done with a group and NCF t2 completed with another.

Signed Up

Looking to progress quest line if possible on characters who have not gone into this instance or running those who need some of the loot.
i need this for quest, i`m fine with t1 run.
i`ll tank T2