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Fil Gashan

Date:2011-09-04 (Sunday)
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The Muster:Castle Strayhold (All Kinship related matters go here.)
Requirements:Prefer 55+, will accept 1 52+ if numbers get tight (need to be within 8 level to hit stuffz).
Complete "Back and Forth" quest in 21st Hall if you want to pick up the FG quest lines.
Event Results:Ehokri, Lally, N00benoreon, Haladren and Strangeway started the instance. Wolormur joined later. We completed the daily run with 5 people, then cleared out the area, and re-entered with Wolormur to clear out more orcs on a 2nd run. All people with quests got their quests done! =)

Signed Up

Most likely be bringing cappie, but have a few other options if needed.
2.The Eldrenath