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Culling Pit

Date:2011-10-16 (Sunday)
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The Muster:Stray Schedule (Strays preferred. For Strayhold!)
Requirements:No pre-requisite quests needed. Quests are lvl 69 full fellowship quests, prefer members lvl 68 and up.
Event Results:Xotho (75), Cakehole (70), Ehokri (73), Lynxes (71), Raspberries (70) and Cynwyna (71) all joined up for the event. We all eventually got done, dispite outside interferrance during the last fight. In all the run went really smooth, the group was solid and stuff got pwned, we just got delayed by idiots watching and "helping".

Signed Up

Captain (Ehokri), Hunter if needed. Any time from 8am to 9pm eastern.
capt, warden and hunter need this @ this point
Champ needs to finish part 4. Probably won`t have another toon ready in time.
Only need on hunter but can come on LM